Discovery International Geophysics New AT44s

Arctic Trucks AT44 Ford Super Duty 4x4

Discovery International Geophysics employed a pair of Arctic Trucks AT44 F-350 trucks at a nickel mine in Northern Quebec this season.   Discovery required safe, comfortable, and efficient transport of staff and equipment around the mine site and off-road into the tundra to support mineral exploration from October to May each year.   Arctic Truck’s AT44 vehicles proved to be the perfect solution, allowing effortless traverses over snow, rocks, and frozen ground.   The vehicles at times carried more than one ton of payload in addition to transport of 5 people to and from the survey area and beyond.

“The vehicles provided by Arctic Trucks are true game changers in our Nunavik operations.   We have been surveying in the arctic tundra for over a decade, having to snowmobile up to 50-60km from the end of the road, over the rocky terrain, to our survey areas. The health and safety of our crews is our highest priority and while we continue to use snowmobiles for the survey itself, these vehicles allow us to transport our crew on a daily basis, in a warmer, safer and faster way. Risk to the crew is minimized, morale is through the roof and our entire operation and our clients operation are significantly improved”, said Connor Harrison, Operations Manager at Discovery International Geophysics.

Kyle Leeds, Director of Sales for Arctic Trucks North America echoed Mr. Harrison’s excitement, “We are proud to support Discovery this season and sincerely thank Connor and his team for the opportunity.   We believe our technology will be transformative for resource and infrastructure providers in Canada and see Discovery’s experience as perfect validation.  We look forward to supporting Discovery for years to come.”

Discovery International Geophysics specializes in deep mineral exploration worldwide.  The company, based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, offers a wide array of surveying technologies including Borehole, Conventional, and SQUID Transient EM, Ground, Drone and Airborne Sub-Audio Magnetics, DC Resistivity / Induced Polarization, Gravity and Magnetics surveys.  

Arctic Trucks has more than 30 years of experience manufacturing vehicles for extreme cold climates.   The company’s vehicles have driven more than 350,000km in Antarctica, Greenland, and the Arctic. Arctic Trucks’ newest facility, located in Cheyenne, WY, USA, will support the Infrastructure, exploration, search & rescue, defense and government industries.