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CHEYENNE, Wyoming (March 24, 2022) 

Arctic Trucks is proud to announce a new manufacturing site in Cheyenne, Wyoming.   The 17,500sq.ft. factory will be Arctic Trucks’ first in North America where a new portfolio of off-road and polar expedition vehicles for North and South America will be built and serviced.  

Since 1990, Arctic Trucks has operated throughout Europe and the Middle East, providing uniquely capable vehicles to governments, commercial customers and individuals.  “Arctic Trucks’ provides the best engineered, most thoroughly field-tested off-road vehicles in the industry.   We have safely, comfortably, and responsibly completed expeditions to the world’s most remote locations in the harshest conditions.   We are excited to bring this technology and quality to North American platforms in 2022” says company President Emil Grimsson.  

“We are excited to become a part of Cheyenne’s vibrant business community and appreciate the warm welcome we’ve received” says North America’s General Manager Leif Jensen.   “We have the space to scale production for years to come, and our location in Cheyenne is well suited to support customers near and far.”

For more information on Arctic Truck’s production in Cheyenne, including career opportunities, product updates and contact information, please visit our website. 

Arctic Trucks specializes in the development and production of vehicles that excel in cold climate performance.  The company produces vehicles for many industry segments including scientific exploration and polar support, commercial, military, and personal use.  Arctic Trucks’ was founded in 1990 by Emil Grimsson and is headquartered in Reykjavik, Iceland.