Ford F350 Super Duty 4X4


4X4 w/Lockers


44″ snow tires

air system







$94,500 *


Purposely crafted for functionality, the AT44 HDS is the ideal platform for tasks demanding ultimate versatility on and off-road. Boasting robust payload & towing capacities and a wide array of available options, this platform has been proven around the world by search and rescue teams, expeditioners, infrastructure companies, and other users requiring safe and dependable transportation in extreme environments.

Looking for a configuration beyond our current offerings? We’d love to learn more about your needs and explore the possibility of crafting something entirely new. Our track record of taking wheeled vehicles to unprecedented places ensures we’ll provide you with the precise tool for the job.

  • XCT Body and Frame
  • XCT Central Tire Inflation System
  • XCT 44″x18″ Tires
  • XCT Suspension System
  • XCT Driveline
  • XCT Front Bumper Toolbar
  • XCT Steel Wheels (CTIS Compatible)
  • XCT Fender Flares
  • Compressed Air System
  • Electronics Switch Panel
  • Extended Running Boards
  • Front Hitch Receiver
  • Integrated Jack Points
  • Arctic Trucks Mudflaps
  • Arctic Trucks Branding Package

The AT44 Super Duty is available with many customizable options. Need something not on this list? Then contact us. We love building things.

  • XCT Crawler Gear
  • XCT Trailing Arm Rear Air Suspension
  • Premium Lighting Package
  • Bespoke Front and Rear Bumpers
  • Utility Roof Rack
  • Auxiliary Fuel Tanks
  • Aluminum Wheels
  • Custom Bed Options
  • Front Mounted Crane
  • Ground Penetrating Radar
  • Auxiliary Air Compressors
  • Front and/or Rear Mounted Winches
  • Engine Snorkel
  • VHF, Iridium, Tetra Comms
  • Garmin or other Navigation
  • Auxiliary Inverters
  • Armoring
  • Custom Skid Plate Options
  • Custom Roll Cages

Understanding the critical importance of uptime and reliability in the field, we have prioritized serviceability, retaining a substantial amount of Original Equipment (OE) content. This deliberate approach enables our trucks to seamlessly integrate into your fleet’s maintenance schedule. All serviceable modifications are easily accessible, ensuring that you never face unnecessary downtime.

Starting at $94,600 with all the options listed in the Included secion – price excludes the base vehicle, so you can select the Super Duty type and color that fits you best.

A 2-Year/24,000 mile warranty on Arctic Trucks features and modifications

Highly functional

Ideal vehicle for search and rescue, infrastructure, and exploration.

Key Features

Patent pending design

Arctic Trucks are build on a patent pending design and are optimized far beyond what is typically found in regular modified trucks.

Our optimization includes roll-center geometry, control-arm geometry, tuned and match shocks, steering geometry, control arms and bushings, suspension modification and calibration, motion ratios, durability and safety.


One of they key characteristics of all Arctic Trucks vehicles is how the tires are built into the vehicle rather than using a traditional suspension and body lifts. Our vehicles have less than a 1 inch suspension lift which creates a very low center of mass resulting in:

  • Exceptional All-Terrain Handling
  • Unmatched Ride Comfort
  • Safety-First Design
  • Precise Weight Distribution

Our patent pending optimization includes roll-center geometry, control-arm geometry, tuned and match shocks, steering geometry, control arms and bushings, suspension modification and calibration, motion ratios, durability and safety.


The AT44 HDS has a custom suspension system tuned for its intended purpose, but the goal is to achieve the best possible drivability, comfort and floatation. 

Running massive tires demands special considerations, which is why we have co-developed a suspension system with OEM manufacturers such as Bilstein.

Further enhancements are made to the chassis, suspension and steering system for increased performance and durability. Specially tuned coil springs and large diameter adjustable shocks are standard, while further upgrades such as a multi-link rear air suspension is available for even greater performance.


Comes with our flagship winter tire, Nokian Hakkapeliitta 44, which was co-developed by Nokian Tires and Arctic Trucks.  This tire is very robust and designed for heavy vehicles – excels in grip and durability. 

The tire weighs approximately 70 kg, is over 1 meter in diameter, and is especially tolerant to drive when deflated. 

Handles all road surfaces with ease, but excels in snow and sand. The enforced shoulder blocks balance handling in sudden situations, and the supported tire’s center rib ensures precise feel of the road.  With an average load (900kg) and 1.7 psi tire pressure, the tire forms a 77cm long x 48cm wide contact patch on a hard surface, longer and wider on soft surfaces, mimicking a belt/track.

Central tire inflation system (CTIS)

All Arctic Trucks vehicles are installed with Central tire inflation system (CTIS) to dynamically deflate or inflate pressures on the fly, allowing the truck to quickly adapt to the terrain. 

When driving in difficult conditions, the air-pressure in the tires can make a huge difference.  Deflating the tires is essential when driving off-road and important to find the right pressure for conditions each time.

Not only intended as a convenience as it saves you having to get out to do each tire individually. In extreme weathers this can be a life-saving device. 

Arctic Trucks also provides an app that controls the pressure of each tire from a phone screen, so that not only they can be constantly monitored but can also be individually adjusted with just a tap. 


Arctic Trucks takes great measures to re-engineer the body and frame to accommodate the built in tires and custom suspension.  

Running extra large tires demands special considerations. The original front section of the chassis and almost all parts of the front suspension and steering system is reinforced. To make sure that the front can also handle the rough terrain new custom heavy duty coil springs and high performance shock absorbers are fitted.

The rear suspension on our high-performance professional vehicles is a custom multilink type suspension system, heavy duty coil springs and high performance shock absorbers.

All vehicles get the custom Arctic Trucks fender flares.








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Arctic Trucks.
World Records & Awards.

First tire-based vehicle to drive on the Antarctica plateau (1996)

First tire-based vehicle to cross Greenland ice cap (1999)

First tire-based vehicle to reach Magnetic North Pole (2007)

Fastest overland journey from Novo to South Pole – 2,308km (2010)

Over 370,000 km covered across Antarctica’s high plateau

Fastest overland journey from Patriot Hills to South Pole – 1,100km (2011)

Longest distance expedition in polar history (2011-12)

Walking with the Wounded to South Pole with Prince Harry (2013)

First South to North return crossing of Greenland ice cap (2018)

First polar expedition in a Ford: Yellowknife to Resolute in March of 2022

The only company to have operated 4X4 vehicles on both the North and South Pole

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