Precision-crafted solutions, tailored for your vehicle’s purpose

Customization Services

At Arctic Trucks, we understand that each vehicle serves a specific purpose, and our customization services are dedicated to ensuring they fulfill that purpose impeccably. Whether you’re navigating demanding terrains, optimizing professional fleets, or enhancing specific functionalities, our tailored customization offerings are designed to elevate the performance and efficiency of your vehicles. Explore the specialized options available to enhance the purpose-driven capabilities of your fleet through our customization services.

Discover the art of tailoring your vehicle to your unique needs with Arctic Trucks Customization Services. Our team of experts is here to transform your driving experience, ensuring that your vehicle is not just a mode of transportation but an extension of your adventurous spirit.

Expedition Package

Our professional vehicles are almost identical to our expedition vehicles, but there are a few things an expedition vehicle requires that would simply be a hindrance for a professional vehicle.  So if you are planning a true expedition then please talk to us.   Our expedition packages are designed to conquer the most challenging environments on Earth.

Performance Upgrades

Elevate your off-road capabilities with custom performance upgrades. From suspension enhancements to specialized tires, we fine-tune your vehicle to handle diverse terrains with confidence.  For instance, if your vehicle needs to frequently do deep water crossings then we have special upgrades that among other things include a higher lift.

Fleet Vehicles

Tailor your fleet to meet the demands of your profession. Our professional work vehicle customization ensures that your vehicles are equipped for the tasks, providing reliability and efficiency.

Exterior Modifications

Make a statement on and off the road with our exterior modifications. Choose from a range of options, including lighting configurations, bumpers, bed options, and more, to give your vehicle a distinctive look.

Specialized Equipment

Integrate specialized equipment seamlessly into your vehicle. Our customization services ensure that your vehicle is equipped with the tools and technology necessary for your specific needs.

Custom Builds

Have a vision beyond our existing offerings? Our team thrives on innovation. Collaborate with us to create a custom build that aligns perfectly with your requirements, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.








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Arctic Trucks.
World Records & Awards.

First tire-based vehicle to drive on the Antarctica plateau (1996)

First tire-based vehicle to cross Greenland ice cap (1999)

First tire-based vehicle to reach Magnetic North Pole (2007)

Fastest overland journey from Novo to South Pole – 2,308km (2010)

Over 370,000 km covered across Antarctica’s high plateau

Fastest overland journey from Patriot Hills to South Pole – 1,100km (2011)

Longest distance expedition in polar history (2011-12)

Walking with the Wounded to South Pole with Prince Harry (2013)

First South to North return crossing of Greenland ice cap (2018)

First polar expedition in a Ford: Yellowknife to Resolute in March of 2022

The only company to have operated 4X4 vehicles on both the North and South Pole

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