Our design ethos is crafting vehicles that excel in capability across all terrains while prioritizing safety and reliability.

Core Design Principle

Arctic Trucks vehicles have had the privilege of achieving 10 world records in polar expeditions and covering over 370,000 km across Antarctica’s demanding high plateau—an environment that presents more extreme challenges for a vehicle than any other.

Given the critical nature of our vehicles in the lives of our customers, performance, safety, comfort, and reliability are paramount. To meet these exacting standards, we’ve pioneered a cutting-edge vehicle build platform technology known as Extreme Conditions Technologies

Extreme Conditions Technologies encapsulates the wealth of knowledge amassed over the past three decades in crafting vehicles that are not only capable but also reliably dependable for polar exploration. This technology embodies the culmination of our extensive experience, offering a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to engineer vehicles that excel in the harshest conditions imaginable.


Engineered to Thrive in Extreme Environments

Integrated Design

Build in, not up

A key distinguishing factor in all Arctic Trucks vehicles is our approach to build the tires into the vehicle, as opposed to relying on traditional suspension lifts. Our vehicles feature only minimal suspension lift – generally 2.5” or less, even when equipped with 44” tires.

Our mission centers on the creation of vehicles that not only boast a visually striking presence but are also characterized by exceptional performance and safety. The decision to integrate tires into the vehicle design isn’t just marginally superior; it represents a significant advancement to the performance, function, and utility of the vehicle. 


Arctic Trucks are constructed on a patent-pending design that surpasses conventional norms in optimization and engineering. The design goes beyond individual components, emphasizing the interconnected harmony of each part.

Our optimization process encompasses a comprehensive range, including roll-center geometry, control-arm geometry, tuned and matched shocks, steering geometry, control arms and bushings, suspension modification and calibration, motion ratios, durability considerations, and safety enhancements.

Lower Center of Mass

Keeping the center of mass low in combination with suspension design and frame modifications produces four important benefits.

Exceptional All-Terrain Handling 

Benefit from superior control and performance on various terrains, thanks to our innovative tire integration method.

Unmatched Ride Comfort

Experience a smoother and more comfortable ride, with less than a 1″ lift, setting a new standard in off-road comfort.

Safety-First Design

Our stability assurance design minimizes the risk of vehicle tipping, ensuring the utmost safety for your operations.

Precise Weight Distribution

The innovative approach leads to enhanced weight distribution, resulting in better handling and control on rugged landscapes.


Custom Design

Utilizing our decades of experience in suspension design and tuning, Arctic Trucks takes pride in crafting individualized suspension systems for each of our vehicles. 

Countless hours of tuning and testing are poured into each application, ensuring the final product provides optimized on & off-road performance, function, and comfort. 

Arctic Trucks partners with premium automotive OE suppliers such as Bilstein to develop the highest quality proprietary suspension components.

multilink AIR suspension

The rear suspension on our high-performance professional vehicles is a custom multilink air suspension system, heavy duty coil springs and high performance shock absorbers. This means our vehicles can drive more easily on demanding terrains, while carrying more load. 


The Right Tire

The selection of the right tires is of paramount importance for Arctic Trucks vehicles. In the world of extreme off-road exploration and industrial operations, tire choice can make or break performance.  The right tire selection ensures superior traction, stability, and durability, enabling our vehicles to navigate treacherous terrains with ease. It’s a crucial component in our commitment to delivering unmatched off-road experiences while maintaining the utmost safety and comfort for our clients.

Snow / Sand

Our winter tire is the Nokian Hakkapeliitta 44 – resulting from the cooperation between Nokian Tires and Arctic Trucks. This robust tire is especially designed for heavy vehicles and excels in grip and durability. 

The polar expedition tread compound on these tires combines first class winter grip with durability excelling in extreme cold weather.  This monster tire weighs approximately 70 kg and is over 1 meter in diameter and is especially tolerant to drive when deflated. 

This tire handles all road surfaces with ease, but excels in snow and sand. The enforced shoulder blocks balance handling in sudden situations, and the supported tire’s center rib ensures precise feel of the road.

  • With an average load (900kg) and 1.7 psi tire pressure, the tire forms a 77cm long x 48cm wide contact patch on a hard surface, longer and wider on soft surfaces.
  • The tire can operate at very low air pressure, mimicking a belt/track.
  • Setting the PSI to 8-15psi allows the tire to maintain it’s shape but absorb rough terrain and offer a far softer ride. This reduces wear and tear on the vehicle and its occupants and often increases transit speed.
Mud / All Terrain

While Arctic Trucks is widely recognized for its expertise in snow tires, the company also possesses extensive knowledge and experience in the realm of mud and all terrain tires.

Our commitment to delivering high-performance off-road solutions extends beyond snowy landscapes to muddy, rugged terrains.

We leverage our decades of engineering and testing to ensure that our vehicles equipped with mud tires can tackle the toughest challenges with the same level of confidence, reliability, and capability that our clients have come to expect.

Central tire inflation system (CTIS)


All Arctic Trucks vehicles are available with an in-cabin Central Tire Inflation System (CTIS) which allows for dynamic air pressure change from within the vehicle.

When driving an off-road truck in difficult conditions, the air pressure in the tires are critical to achieving optimal performance. Drivers must be able to evaluate the surface and find the right pressure in the tires to suit the situation. The pressure settings off-road are heavily dependent on the terrain, vehicle, and payload – with our Central tire inflation system (CTIS), dynamic adjustments to the tire pressure can be made on the fly, allowing the truck to quickly adapt to the terrain. 

In addition to performance, eliminating the need to manually adjust the pressure of each tire outside of the vehicle is a welcomed convenience. In extreme weather, this can even be a safety factor.


Drivetrain & Body

Frame and body

Following our ‘Built in, not up’ design principles, Arctic Trucks takes great measures to re-engineer the body and frame to accommodate large tires with minimal adjustment to the suspension height. In many applications, additional structure to the frame is added for improved strength and rigidity.

Axles and lockers

The front and rear axles are re-geared to 4.88 ratio to accommodate for the large tires, improve performance and maintain good fuel economy.

Differential lockers are also installed on all axles. 








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Arctic Trucks.
World Records & Awards.

First tire-based vehicle to drive on the Antarctica plateau (1996)

First tire-based vehicle to cross Greenland ice cap (1999)

First tire-based vehicle to reach Magnetic North Pole (2007)

Fastest overland journey from Novo to South Pole – 2,308km (2010)

Over 370,000 km covered across Antarctica’s high plateau

Fastest overland journey from Patriot Hills to South Pole – 1,100km (2011)

Longest distance expedition in polar history (2011-12)

Walking with the Wounded to South Pole with Prince Harry (2013)

First South to North return crossing of Greenland ice cap (2018)

First polar expedition in a Ford: Yellowknife to Resolute in March of 2022

The only company to have operated 4X4 vehicles on both the North and South Pole

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