Offer your customers off-road vehicles built using the worlds most successful expedition technology.

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The Arctic Trucks Dealer Program is for dealers wanting to offer their clients a premium high-performance off-road vehicles built using the worlds most successful and proven extreme expedition technology.

North America is our latest market entry, and our most exciting one.  We have been focused on building up our facilities in Cheyenne, WY and developing vehicles specifically for the North American market.  We are now ready to serve this important market and will be drastically increasing our market presence and vehicle offerings.

Our dealer program is a framework around what we want to become a successful partnership for both you and Arctic Trucks.  

Reasons to JOIN

Becoming an Arctic Trucks dealer is an opportunity to enter an exciting market of customers seeking the absolute best in off-road capabilities and reliability.  Our dealer program ensures a seamless integration of Arctic Trucks’ vehicles into your dealership’s portfolio.

A Broader Client Base: Attract a discerning clientele looking for premium off-road vehicles, creating new avenues for growth.

Strategic Marketing Support: Leverage our brand and marketing materials to elevate your dealership’s presence and reach.

Comprehensive Training: Enroll a team member in our comprehensive training program, ensuring your staff is well-versed in showcasing and understanding Arctic Trucks’ unique offerings.

Fair Dealer Discounts: Enjoy fair and exclusive dealer discounts that balance competitive pricing for customers with healthy profit margins for your dealership.

Grow With Us:  Arctic Trucks truly values dealers wishing to represent the Arctic Trucks brand with dedication and effort and we have been known to expand and extend the scope of established agreements.  

Add Excitement: Arctic Trucks vehicles are exciting, and they will add a new layer to your product offerings – even to customers not in the market for high end expedition technology vehicles.


Marketing: Arctic Trucks requests that dealers run marketing on the platforms they are already using, such as social media, showroom presence, exhibiting at local events, and paid digital advertising.  We will support your marketing initiatives with both content and material.

Dealer Training: Dealers must send at least one person to an Arctic Trucks training program, which is regularly held in Iceland.  Our Iceland office has a fleet of vehicles for this purpose and easy access to all types of terrains which your customers might have to operate in.  

Customer Training: Each customer who purchases an Arctic Trucks product is also entitled to receive training by Arctic Trucks. This takes place in Iceland or in the area where the vehicle will operate.  We want to ensure the customer is both comfortable and safe.

Parts Sales & Service:  Arctic Trucks dealers should offer certain parts and service to Arctic Trucks customers, both of which we will provide at fair wholesale prices.  Our support team is always ready to support and assist in any matters related to service or repair of a vehicle.

what you get

Product Offering: All Arctic Trucks North America commercial vehicle upfits as listed on our vehicle page at tiered discount pricing.

Warranty: All vehicles include a 2-Year/24,000 mile warranty on Arctic Trucks features and modifications – see warranty policy for details. The base vehicle can be provided by Arctic Trucks, by a dealer, or by the end customer.

Region: Opportunities are available to operate in local regions as well as entire states/provinces depending on the size and requirements of the dealer’s business.

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Arctic Trucks.
World Records & Awards.

First tire-based vehicle to drive on the Antarctica plateau (1996)

First tire-based vehicle to cross Greenland ice cap (1999)

First tire-based vehicle to reach Magnetic North Pole (2007)

Fastest overland journey from Novo to South Pole – 2,308km (2010)

Over 370,000 km covered across Antarctica’s high plateau

Fastest overland journey from Patriot Hills to South Pole – 1,100km (2011)

Longest distance expedition in polar history (2011-12)

Walking with the Wounded to South Pole with Prince Harry (2013)

First South to North return crossing of Greenland ice cap (2018)

First polar expedition in a Ford: Yellowknife to Resolute in March of 2022

The only company to have operated 4X4 vehicles on both the North and South Pole

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